In Your Mind, Out of Your Body Experience
Performance by Hanne Lippard and Natasja Loutchko

31st Oct. 2015

The Nordic Dinner
Introducing Nordic Cuisine with Roderick Sloan and artists and chefs-in-residency

29th Oct. 2015

EVERYTHING UNDER THE SUN is a project that consists of a series of artistic events and an educational programme that approaches the current issues related to climate change, rejecting alarmism and mirroring all aspects of it on the Earth's landscape.

For its first edition in 2015, Everything Under the Sun gathers artists and specialists in Agora in Berlin in order to investigate ways of discussing and reflect upon this topic.

The world’s climate is in a constant flux since the Ice Age, and it will continue changing. The new levels of precipitation and changing of temperature patterns is bringing drought to numerous lands around the globe, however at the same time it brings fertility and agricultural variety in the Nordic geographies.

For its artistic series, Agora invites artists Dafna Maimon (FI), Egill Saebjörnsson (IS), Polonca Lovsin (SI), Hanne Lippard (NO), Natasja Loutchko (SE) and experts on permaculture and waste management Leonie Woidt-Wallisser (AU) and Alice Grindhammer (DE) to tackle the issue in a participatory, humorous and informative way.

For its educational programme, Agora invites the artist Tue Greenfort (DK), Kultivator (SE), the food specialists Roderick Sloan (NO) and Thomas Harttung (DK).

Next Public Events:

29th October: The Nordic Dinner by EVERYTHING UNDER THE SUN´s workshop participants Module#1.

31st October: In Your Mind, Out of Your Body Experience; performance by Hanne Lippard and Natasja Loutchko

EVERYTHING UNDER THE SUN alternative educational program consists of two four week long modules. Both modules have an experimental structure where series of talks, readings, workshops, discussions and artistic cooking projects will take place.

The program follows an invitation model where the invited instructors will in turn be inviting one or more other cross-disciplinary experts to enrich the content of the project towards arts, food and ecology.

Module#1 (22nd October - 13th November 2015): Nordic Food Manifesto; From the Backyard to the Table *Course leaders Roderick Sloan (food specialist) and Kultivator (artist collective) APPLY

Module#2 (2nd November - 27th November 2015): In the Age of FOODIE-ism *Course Leader Tue Greenfort (artist) and with guest lecturer Thomas Harttung (food specialist) APPLY

Everything Under the Sun is hosted and produced by Agora with the kind support of Nordisk Kulturfond, Kulturkontakt Nord as part of the the Collaborative Arts Partnership Programme – CAPP – which is supported through the EU Creative Europe Programme

Programme Curated by: Ece Pazarbasi and Caique Tizzi