NORDIC FOOD MANIFESTO; from the backyard to the table.

Workshop leaders: Roderick Sloan (food specialist) and with artist collective Kultivator

22 October - 13 November 2015

Why and how places like the Nordic countries are leading the ways we consume and think about food today? Why the nordic food approach has influenced a worldwide generation?

In the late eighties and nineties, the catalan chef Ferran Adriá reinvented the culinary arts with his molecular gastronomy concept; today names like René Redzepi from Noma and Magnus Nilsson from Fäviken are showing to the world the concept of food from your backyard, respecting the importance of food that is harvested seasonally, locally and finding unique flavours even in the most extreme weather conditions. As a chef and fisherman based in Norway, Roderick Sloan personally fishes the delicacies that he provides to restaurants that are bringing attention to the new nordic cuisine. For this seminar, he will be discussing the visible changes in the Nordic waters by reading the climate change from the sea urchins and clams and its connection with the landscapes in the north, working in collaboration with the Swedish artist collective Kultivator.

The workshop will use Sloan’s Integrated Farming system in Brekka as a starting point, to revisit the notion of a farm that has been used since the 9th century, housing sacrificial stones from the Bronze age, viking graves and medieval settlements and to dwell upon the adaptation of climate change through food and nutrition facts. Utilising the technique that he is currently developing for sufficient vegetation in the area as a complementary source to his observations in the Nordic sea. For this workshop, participants will develop a critical thought between new parameters of living, producing and consuming today.

Kultivator that runs a dairy farm, also with age old history, of cattle raising on the land in south east of Sweden, will take on the exploration of possibilities to act subversive offered by alternative ways of organizing and collaborating farming. Kultivators practice, that since 10 years experiment in the cross-fertilization of art and agriculture, has always involved the investigation and alternation of the social, cultural and economic structures that determine how farming is done. For the workshops, the participants will take part in developing new and other partnerships for producing, preparing and sharing food.

Roderick Sloan:

Born in Dumfries and Galloway, Scotland, 1970. He has lived in Norway since 1997 and in Steigen since 2004. With a background from the hotel and restaurant business he became a shellfish diver in 2002. In Steigen he is known as a chef, but internationally he is known as a fisherman. Sloan delivers gourmet produce to some of the world's best restaurants and has held many courses and lectures on the opportunities in the Norwegian fisheries and food industry nationally and internationally. He is particularly interested in opportunities that combine small scale food producers, and is now using his large international network to promote “fisherman-farmer households" anno 2014, seen in a global context.


Kultivator was founded in 2005 by the artists Mathieu Vrijman and Malin Lindmark Vrijman and the farmers Maria Lindmark och Henric Stigeborn. Member since 2007 is also Marlene Lindmark. Kultivator initiate and execute projects, exhibitions and workshops that explores possible alternative narratives within art and farming, with the members or/and invited guests and the public. At site on Öland, Sweden, Kultivator has a residency, exhibition space and a dairy farm with 30 cows + chicken, ducks, sheep and horses. Since the start in 2005, approximately 80 artists, researchers and farmers has visited and worked on the premises.