Alice Audrey Grindhammer

From wasteful­ toward sustainable lifestyles. A perspective from waste management.

22nd July at 6pm

Within her presentation Alice Audrey Grindhammer aim to shed some light onto everything which we produce, consume, buy and give away in our linear economy. All of which eventually ends up as garbage. Grindhammer will be speaking about things such as her relatively new phone and the charger, … which she already knows today will no longer be suitable when the newer model comes out. And therefore it cannot surprise us how globally over 40,000,000 tons of electronic waste per year come together. And piles up for example in a landfill in Agbogbloshie, Ghana. That’s about 75 tons per minute. Since she begins her talk 5 trucks have been filled …Waste is the Gordian knot that needs to be untied, … for more sustainable lifestyles.

Alice Audrey Grindhammer invites the audience to take a deep look at this issue together. Alice Audrey Grindhammer is a Business Developer. Alice has traveled to the fringes of Global Markets and implemented Waste Management processes in extreme environments. Currently she is engaged in implementing interdisciplinary circular economy processes and building communities to self organize around solutions for the global waste crisis. Alice considers herself a “Garbologist”.

Date: June 29, 2015